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All Products for CAKE Grouping

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Prices last updated on 11/20/2017

Cream-O Cakewich (Chocolate Cake Sandwich with Thick Vanilla Cream Filling
Cupp Keyk Buko Pandan Cupcake
Cupp Keyk Cheezy Cheese Cupcake
Cupp Keyk Choco Mocha Cupcake
Cupp Keyk Coco Ube Cupcake
Cupp Keyk Flavor Combo
Cupp Keyk Nutty Choco Cupcake
Doowee Donut Assorted
Doowee Donut Choco
Jack 'n Jill Espesyal Mamon Cups
Jack 'n Jill Espesyal Mamon De Leche
Lemon Square Assorted Cupcakes
Lemon Square Cheese Cake
Lemon Square GO! Chocolate Layered Cake
Lemon Square Munchmallows Chocolate
Lemon Square Power Pops Milky Caramel
Monde Mamon Classic
Monde Mamon Mocha
Monde Mamon with Choco Filling
Monde Mamon with Strawberry Jam Filling
Quake Bars Chocolate-Filled Cake
Quake Bars Vanilla-Filled Cake
Quake Overload Black Forest Layer Cake
Quake Overload Choco Strawberry Layer Cake
Quake Overload Mallow Vanilla Layer Cake
Quake Overload Mocha Butter Layer Cake
Rebisco Fudgee Bar ( Macapuno Magic)
Rebisco Fudgee Bar ( Vanilla Jolt )
Rebisco Fudgee Bar (Choco Blast)
Rebisco Fudgee Bar (Dark Chocolate)
Rebisco Fudgee Bar (Milk Craze)
Rebisco Fudgee Bar (Mocha Rage)
Rebisco Fudgee Bar Combo Flavor
Rebisco Fudgee Barr - Choco (DB)
Rebisco Fudgee Barr - Durian (DB)
Rebisco Fudgee Barr - Milky Craze (DB)
Rebisco Fudgee Barr - Mocha Rage (DB)
Rebisco Fudgee Barr Coffee with Milk
Rebisco Fudgee Barr Durian Delight
Rebisco Fudgee Barr Salted Caramel
Rebisco Fudgee Bites (Choco)
Rebisco Fudgee Bites (Mocha)
Regent Assorted Cake
Regent Cheese Cake
Regent Chocolate Cake
Regent Custard Cake
Regent Lemon Cake
Regent Melon Cake
Regent Mocca Cake
Regent Pandan Cake
Regent Strawberry Cake
Regent Ube Cake
Topps - Cheese
Topps - Choco
Topps - Combo
Topps - Mocha
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